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Beyond Divides

Going by available literature, we can observe that Venkata kavi had very few peers with respect to references to culture, tradition and rituals. He has composed on almost all the major deities, many great personalities, sages, mythological characters, music and so forth.


He was above any kind of divisiveness – divine, geographical or language.


Venkata kavi’s compositions on almost all the deities reveal that he felt the same degree of familiarity and fondness for them as he had for his favourite deity Krshna. Many of these grand and evocative songs reflect his deep conviction that all deities are but manifestations of one Supreme power. This belief was easily infused in his songs and the minute aspects of each deity that he shared in his compositions show his intimate knowledge and mastery.


shiva hari sharavanabhava guha bhajana nirantara malaalankrta shobha

vaageesha shivapaada hrdaya suta manivaachaka sundara dindimakavi-

raaja madhura kavi raaja raamaanuja kulashekhara vishnuchitta para-

kaala purandara tulasidaasa charanaaravinda dhooli hari shiva guha (bhajanaamrta…)


These verses are from the first Saptaratna krti, Bhajanaamrta in Nattai and in this charanam, the composer mentions many names of Shaivite and Vaishnavite devotees as well as devotees of Shanmukha.


The Saptaratnas themselves showcase the diverse themes that he has composed on.