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Facts & Stats

A quick scan of the statistical information with respect to Venkata Kavi's compositions points us to these data given below. 


List of compositions - This list includes compositions of Venkata Kavi that have been collected and researched upon till date.

Ragas cluster  - Lists the different kind of ragas used by this composer along with the ragas mentioned by him in his compositions.

Talas used – This list shows a compilation of talas handled by the composer.

Deities worshipped – A compilation of the deities on which Venkata Kavi has composed.

Kshetras visited – A compilation of the pilgrimage centres visited.

Operas composed – A list of full-fledged operas that have been studied till now.

Personalities eulogized – While Venkata Kavi has composed operas on several and also cited numerous others in other krtis, this list is only those on whom he has composed one-off songs.