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Change of gait (gati bhedam)

Most composers are said to have composed maximum pieces in chaturashra gati and very few krtis have been composed in Tishra gati such as Biraana brova ide (Kalyani) and Parvati ninu ne (Kalagada). But Venkata Kavi has also used khanda gati in his compositions and indulged in gati changes in several compositions. This can be credited to him as this feature has not been tried much by composers before or after his period.

Some pieces where gati change has been used are:

    1. Neerada sama – Jayantashree – he has used Tishram and Khandam
    2. Natavara tarunee – Kannadagowla – Tishram and Khandam
    3. Svaagatam krshna – Mohanam – Tishram and Chaturashram
    4. Vitasama vara – Vasanta – Tishram, Chaturashram and Khandam
    5. Mahashaya hrdaya – Abhogi – Chaturashram and Khandam
    6. Shankari – Madhyamavati – Chaturasham and tishram (1st and 2nd speed)