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Guide to Pronunciation

(For technical terms & lyrics)



Carnatic Transliteration Reference Harvard Kyoto Reference
a hut a
ā father A
i sing i
ee feel I
u put u
oo mood U
e medal e
ē ray E
ai kite ai
o hotel o
ō noble O
ow how au
k skill k
kh dark-house kh
g garden g
gh dog-house gh
n long, tank n/G
ch chain c
chh beach-holiday ch
j jump j
jh hedgehog jh
gny new n/j
till T
ṭh anthill Th
disk D
ḍh wind-hose Dh
pond N
t wealth t
th theme th
d the d
dh buddha dh
n now, van n
p pot p
ph uphill ph
b balloon b
bh clubhouse bh
m mother m
y youth y
r run r
r krshna R
pretty (Sanskrit) herring (Tamil) R
l lamp l
world L
v vast v
sh sugar S
ṣh she sh
s sit s
h hat h
zh in tamil - approximately like ‘rouge’  


The Harvard Kyoto transliteration convention has been added in this page for easy referencing against the Carnatic transliteration convention used for all composition lyrics, technical terms and names of compositions across this site.