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Other operas

It is quite unfortunate that many pieces from various other operas such as Kungiliyakkalaya naayanaar, Manikkavaachakar, Tirumangai aazhwar, Kannappar, Viranminda naayanaar, Tiruppaanaazhwar, Bhadraachala Raamadaasa and many others are not available.


However, the ones that are available not only point to us that they are part of a stunning creation but also prove that Venkata Kavi was over-awed by these steadfast devotees of the God that it inspired him to dedicate entire operas to these saints and devotees of the Lord.


Some interesting compositions from the available set of songs have been mentioned below

Kungiliyam vaangaliyo – Sama (Kungiliya kalaya nayanar charitram)


This piece describes the instance where Lord Shiva himself comes disguised as a seller of incense sticks to test the devotion and dedication of Kungiliya kalaya naayanaar. The language and dialect used by the composer in this piece is noteworthy as it is a very simple colloquial style akin to that used by a trader.


Kattinaar tirukkola aalayam – Shuddhasaveri (Bhadrachala Ramadasa charitram)

This piece mentions the context of Bhadrachala ramadasa building a temple for Lord Rama where he was accused of swindling the king's treasures to build the temple. This is another pointer towards establishing Venkata Kavi's time period as Bhadrachala Ramadasa seems to have been the last historical personality mentioned by this composer.


Manikkavachakar charitram

A few pieces from this opera narrate various incidents from the story of one of the greatest Shaivite devotees. The introductory song extols the praise of this great Tamil poet in Tiru madurai udayam nokkum. Other incidents from the story are included in songs such as varuhudu varuhudu oru perum kudiraippattaalam (describing the Lord bringing horses for Manikkavachakar), onnalla irandalla naarpattu onbadu koti pavunum (where it is mentioned that he paid 49 crores worth of gold to the Lord for buying the horses).