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In Carnatic literature, we are aware of many composers who have composed on Lord Shanmukha and this includes Saint Arunagirinathar (who is said to have been saved by Lord Shanmukha when he tried to end his life), Muttusvamy Dikshitar (who considered him as his divine Guru) and Saint Tyagaraja (who has composed a few pieces on the Lord).


One of the most famous incidents associated with Lord Shanmukha is the Pranavopadesham. This is said to have happened at one of the 6 six divine abodes of Shanmukha known as Swami malai. Here, the Lord became the preceptor of his own father, Lord Shiva and explained the significance of the mantra 'OM'. Though we have some songs mentioning this incident through sporadic references, there is no reference in Carnatic literature till date, that mentions any detailed composition on this significant event.


Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi, the magical story-teller is the first composer in Carnatic literature to have composed a magnificent masterpiece that narrates the entire story of the Pranavopadesham, through one single composition consisting of 83 verses. This magnum opus has been composed in Tamil and it again shows the intimacy that the composer had with all other deities. 

Kavaḍi Chindu Tishra gati